Thursday, October 09, 2008

The complete hypocrisy of Sarah Palin

Since last Saturday John McCain's slobbering lipsticked pit bull, Sarah Palin has attacked Sen. Barrack Obama as palling around with terrorists. We are now seeing the consequences of what happens when you incite rabid neo-cons like this. Does Sarah Palin...neo-con paragon of womanhood condemn this type of behavior?...not at all...she defends the fact she is inciting the rabid neo-cons.

What Sarah Palin and the Straight Talk Express is neglecting to tell everyone is that Sarah is not only palling around with but married to Toddy Palin an AIP domestic terrorist but she supports [see video] the terrorist organization, AIP a secessionist party. In fact the AIP chairman Lynnette Clark claimed on Sept. 3rd that Sarah Palin herself was a member [oops] however, the chairman retracted her statement a day later...[in other words another lying bitch].

So let's get this straight [neo-cons]...since Palin is palling around with members of the AIP and supports that domestic terrorist group it would be perfectly alright for voters to start shouting "off with her head!"????

Here are some facts to chew on:

Is Sen. Obama palling around with terrorist? No

Is Palin associated with a terrorist organization? Yes

Sandy aka Liberal Woman

The AIP motto: "We are Alaskans...We don't care how they do things outside!"

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Time to dust off Liberal Woman...

and get back in the swing of things. Actually I was just going to let LW fade off into the sunset but after reading, hearing and watching some of John McCain's and Sarah Palin's latest attacks against Sen. Barrack Obama I figured it was time to speak up.

What has Liberal Woman been doing lately? Well, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter who is now an Obama supporter. There is no way I could ever do anything else....after what bush has done to our world I cannot in good conscience allow another bush surrogate [McCain/Palin] do any more damage and not fight it with everything in me there is to fight with.

So sit back kids, it looks like it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iraq for Sale Banned Excerpts

Well, well, well why are we not surprised. Hate to be an I told you so.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Springtime (Bush Is Over)